VIVE Business Stories features a collection of best-in-class VR solutions, along with the developers and industry leaders that helped to bring them to life; meeting the needs of today’s most complex business challenges. In this case study, Vive Business is featuring ORamaVR and the MAGES-SDK as the world’s most advanced medical VR training authoring platform.

NYU: Langone Health

NYU Langone Health was part of our initial cohort of 6 B2B pilot customers. NYU, Langone Health is now positioning ORamaVR as the go to VR Company for Orthopedic Medical education in the US, extending access to the largest orthopedic residency in the country.

University of Athens: eLearning center

University of Athens is partnering with ORamaVR to launch a series of emergency medicine trainings for lifelong learning and training, including endotracheal intubation and patient trauma transport techniques.

University Hospital of Bern

Inselspital Bern is partnering with ORamaVR to launch a series of Emergency Medicine Trainings for residents and undergraduate students, including free simulations for COVID-19 training.