The world’s most advanced medical
XR training Software Development Kit.




The MAGES SDK is the medical XR industry’s first Software Development Kit that allows rapid prototyping of any shared, collaborative networked medical operation in XR, in a fraction of time and cost. It draws its novelty from 20 years of academic R&D.

The results achieved with MAGES SDK exceed those typically reached by large teams of domain expert developers of these engines. By being layered on top of existing game engines, it brings a low-code superior solution to developers with just a moderate knowledge of these engines. It is thus possible for even a single developer to create a full XR training simulation.

MAGES SDK is named after its unique features:

  1. An algorithm for a custom Multiplayer engine that works on top of standard networking protocols, allowing to share only very few key transformations across the network and calculate all intermediate locally
  2. An algorithm for a novel Analytics engine that captures several hundreds of events per second as opposed to several tens that current engines track. These performance-based assessments are stored locally for maximum flexibility and can be uploaded on the cloud.
  3. Geometric algebra vertex transformation engine at the heart of all our virtual human animation and deformation, allowing significantly more efficient and robust control of vertex transformations – translations, rotations, dilations .
  4. An algorithm that provides an Educational curriculum editor for visual scripting and rapid prototyping of complex XR learning simulations, based on a novel learning scene-graph storyboard: Lessons, Stages, Actions.
  5. A suite of algorithms called Semantic action prototypes for XR training that provide blueprints for training, in a similar way to software design patterns.

They essentially constitute your own training scene storyboard interaction format, fully simulating the interactive learning objectives and micro user actions required to achieve them, on the virtual patient, for both rigid as well as soft-body deformable surfaces in networked environments.

MAGES™ SDK is provided as a yearly license and is compatible with Unity™ Editor and Unreal Engine.

MAGES™ SDK can be used by developers using Unity™ or Unreal Engine™ as a plug-in Package – the software library containing compiled code in DLL form, scripts in C# or C++ form and 3D/2D/multimedia assets and their associated files – that can be imported in the Unity or Unreal Editor, given an annual subscription. It can subsequently be used with the rest of the Unity or Unreal Engine in order to generate standalone VR desktop medical simulations on windows, android, or macOS, which incorporate the Unity, Unreal, or SteamVR™ runtime. MAGES SDK runtime operates locally, within the end-user Unity or Unreal Engine editors software.

Developers can reach their audiences with state-of-the-art medical VR training simulations, powered by MAGES SDK.

More details on the simulation creation methodology.

  • Proprietary interpolation engine with geometric algebra:
    – allows 4x reduced network data transfer
  • 5G-edge computing ready network deployment:
    – off-load costly calculations on network edge
  • Highest in the market number of concurrent active users in the same VR scene, all fully interacting with the same synchronized content with minimal latency
    – including VR Recorder functionality for recording multiplayer sessions and replaying them from any device
  • Unlimited number of captured, analyzed events per second
  • Rapid, in-the-scene local authoring with cloud-based storage, review and visualization customization
  • DL agent platform for analytics recommendations and scoring factors
  • Geometric algebra algorithms for custom cutting, tearing, drilling of deformable and soft bodies, based on the algebra of William K. Clifford
  • Rapid prototyping based on our proprietary s/w design patterns for VR, which can be employed as “recurring solutions to standard problems”, as first introduced by Christopher Alexander in architecture
  • Dynamics (plot), mechanics (rules), components (UI elements) embedded in the SDK with ready-to-use sample scenes
  • Visual scripting editor for rapid VR scene authoring – proprietary semantic representation of scenes, based on novel “scene-graph” algorithms
  • Scoring leaderboards, live webinars, and VR user recording support
  • Based on the curriculum learning objectives (psychomotor or cognitive), support for all currently available VR HMDs as well as same curriculum are automatically available in windows and macOS standard point and click versions
  • Physics-based visual techniques allowing the 3D representation of deformable soft body objects (skin, tissue, etc.)
  • On-the-go configuration to match the tissue properties
  • Velocity-based interaction for manipulation in VR with users and other objects


The world’s most scientifically proven
Medical XR training simulations custom
made for you




ORamaVR co-creates custom medical XR training simulations with and for you. MAGES SIM future proofs your medical training simulations by also providing MAGES SDK so that you can customize further, extend, modify at any time in the future, without any other third party intervention. How often did you commission a training application and after a few months you realised you would like to update/extend it? Now you can fully perform these updates/extension/modifications yourselves!

MAGES SIM enables the rapid prototyping of medical VR/XR training, as part of new “ computational medical XR” discipline that tackles medical education, preoperative planning and real-time operative navigation under a new, holistic integrated systems approach. Medical schools, dental schools, nursing academies, medical device companies and surgical training centers can now in-house drive the “VRification” of their curricula, retaining ownership of the final code base.
This is enabling them to easily update/extend/modify this XR training experience, hence driving themselves further the adoption and customization of their medical XR training simulations.

Through the ability to control and develop their own XR training curriculum, they can ensure their medical professionals are properly and (continuously) trained while ensuring optimal patient outcomes and fewer medical errors/complications.


Medical XR training simulations, ready-to-use




Our marketplace features a selection of ready-to-use medical XR training simulations that have been developed either by you or with us, powered by MAGES SDK and verified scientifically in published clinical trials. Furthermore, any user of MAGES SDK or MAGES SIM can choose to publish and monetize their apps on the curated, scientifically verified MAGES APP marketplace, via an innovative shared revenue business model.

MAGES SDK: How it works, in 5 simple steps

This is what it takes to turn your idea into a medical XR training simulation.
Our algorithms do the rest.