Talk to sales to learn more about the MAGES SIM and how we can co-create custom Med-XR simulations using the power of MAGES SDK with and for you.  

Get in touch with our experts to learn how we can co-create high realism medical XR training and assessment simulations using the power of the MAGES SDK and achieve the wanted impact for your organization.

Once developed, on top of using the MAGES SIM for your own purposes, you can share your expertise with the world. Optionally market your VR simulations as MAGES APP on the ORamaVR marketplace based on a revenue share model.

Your MAGES SIM purchase also entitles you to a 1 year free subscription to the MAGES SDK which empowers you to create new and evolve your existing simulations in a highly efficient manner. The MAGES SDK allows its users to create simulations 8 times faster and at 8 times less cost than possible with traditional methods.