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From the Operating Room to VR and back

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ORAMA Means Vision In Greek

Our vision is to change current medical education through Virtual Reality (VR). We transform healthcare outcomes with cutting edge science.

But more than the ability to think about the future of medical education in virtual reality with imagination and wisdom, ORamaVR represents the challenge and the accomplishment. The novel education, the inspired training and the skill transfer from VR to the Operating Room (OR).

Value Proposition

ORamaVR was established to fill a clear gap in simulation based medical training.


Beachhead Market: Ortho-Surgery.

Academia – Med-Schools & Hospitals

  • Minimize errors, reduce OR time, assess via objective analytics

  • Affordable cost
  • Curriculum Development

MedTech Industry

  • Enhanced operation of training labs
  • Improve Rep/PA comprehension
  • Portable, marketing tool, promotes industry branding


Frequently Asked Questions

To advance medical education and assist OR personnel refine their skills on surgical procedures.
Surgeons, Physician Assistants, Fellows, Residents, Students, Nurses, Medical Device Representatives and ultimately Patients.

Yes, pilots have used virtual reality based training in flight simulation for years with many benefits, here at ORamaVR we want to bring equivalent advancement to the surgical training process.

We have made the complete set up mobile, everything fits inside of a backpack, giving you the freedom to learn at home or office.

No, we want to compliment cadaver labs by bringing our fully realistic, interactive VR surgical training experience to your home or office, giving you unlimited access on a virtual patient before entering a cadaver lab.

Yes, ORamaVR’s training system is built with guidance and metric features to allow users to progress through different experience levels within each operation.

Yes! ORamaVR’s co-op feature enables multiple users to operate together, replicating the actual OR experience.

VR ready laptop and headset.
Yes! To ensure you are comfortable with our operations we provide video tutorials along with 24/7 customer service support.

Key Features

We have built the first available to the market VR surgical training system allowing surgeons to train in their own private OR anywhere, anytime.

Implants, tools and procedure steps are modeled according to specifications & requirements.

Hands-on, fully immersive, hyper-realistic training, augmented with objective user performance metrics.

High-end technology facilitates unlimited training at drastically reduced costs.

Executive Team

  • Management Team

ORamaVR Team


Advisory Board

  • Advisory Board


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ORamaVR has launched its first two products, ORamaVR-TKA® & ORamaVR-THA® (Total Knee & Hip Arthroplasty).

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